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Visitor parking spaces
free of charge for approx. 350 cars and 15 buses

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Your four-legged friend is a friend of yours. I'd be happy to bring it with me on a leash.
Info see park map.
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park regulations
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Das Wetter für

In March and April there is sometimes heavy continuous rain or even a violent storm in our region.
Then the park will remain closed on this day, see also weather map.

Vogelpark Voucher or season ticket

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See also our Falkner Special Offer:

Vogelpark Steinen Parkplan

A bird of prey on your arm?
Wednesdays, Thursdays or Fridays
for max. 4 people.

Barbecue areas reservation

Vogelpark Steinen Parkplan

Welcome to our rustic coffee-vesperstüble

Vogelpark Steinen Parkplan

We offer you for happy Hours in a cosy atmosphere space for about 80 to 100 people. On request with service. The Vogelpark Steinen is a must for travel groups travelling in the Black Forest. Our offer includes a reduced entrance fee for groups of 15 paying adults or more. Detailed information and fax registration: Click here

A look behind the scenes of the Vogelpark

Kinderfest mit Frau Spanke

... exciting programme for all children

with graduate in Biology and teacher Renate Spanke


From Monday to Friday after previous reservation.

The lesson is arranged after consultation with the teachers of the particular age group and according to the number of participants. The special offers can be booked either individually or as a package. A teaching unit lasts approximately 60 minutes. Price: 30,00 EUR not including entrance to park. The additional costs of the special offers as well as information and payment are to be arranged directly with Ms Spanke.

There is a choice of 4 exciting subjects:

A day in the life of an animal keeper in the Vogelpark

Here we learn about the different tasks of an animal keeper and about how the food is prepared, the feeding, the cleaning of the aviary, the observation and care of the animals, the repairs to the enclosures and much more. You may prepare the food for the Barbary macaques and feed them as well as visiting the kangaroos.

Falconry in the Vogelpark

You receive information about the birds of prey, owls and falcons in the Vogelpark, which species live here, where their original home is, what they eat, whether they have enemies, how they are trained here. You learn how you can become a falconer, you may put on a falconer's glove and you are present at the bird of prey flight show.

Kangaroos in the Vogelpark

You gain an insight into the life of the kangaroos, what they eat, what enemies they have, how their young develop and much more. You may also feed the Barbary macaques.

All you need to know about chickens

You learn how eggs in the park are hatched, which animals besides birds lay eggs, what hens eat, who the enemy of the hens is and why the Vogelpark has so many chickens. You may feed the apes, observe an incubator, screen eggs and stroke chickens.

Anne Renate Spanke
Graduate in Biology and Teacher

Tel: 0049 (0) 7627 - 971165